Kansas Books

I recently purchased several books about Kansas and Kansas Counties. I am willing to do lookups – send $5.00 plus self-addressed stamped envelope to:

  • Rosetta Wiley
  • 261 W. Custer
  • Wellington, KS 67152

Kansas books

1. Reflections of Kansas 1900-1930 Postcard album

Harper County, KS

Butler County, KS


Sedgwick County, KS


Cowley County, KS

The Lust of the Land – History of Arkansas City, KS

The Winfield Courier – History of Cowley County, KS

Sumner County, KS

1. History of Milan, KS 1878-1978 by Leslie “Bud” Yates 2. Reflections of Sumner County, KS– photos by Wellington Daily News

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