I published my first book on “The History of Perth, Kansas and Some of It’s Residents”. This book is about the history of a small town in Sumner County, Kansas that is slowly disappearing. Travel with me back in time to the beginning of the the town and learn about the residents and the town. Genealogical biographies are done on some of the residents. You can purchase at

I recently purchased several books about Kansas and Kansas Counties. I am willing to do lookups – send $5.00 plus self-addressed stamped envelope to:

  • Rosetta Wiley
  • 261 W. Custer
  • Wellington, KS 67152

Kansas books

1. Reflections of Kansas 1900-1930 Postcard album

Harper County, KS

Butler County, KS


Sedgwick County, KS


Cowley County, KS

The Lust of the Land – History of Arkansas City, KS

The Winfield Courier – History of Cowley County, KS

Sumner County, KS

1. History of Milan, KS 1878-1978 by Leslie “Bud” Yates 2. Reflections of Sumner County, KS– photos by Wellington Daily News